Problems with disasters and the öops resource

I was doing a bit of messing around with the öops resource and with a bit of work I figured out that it is modifying the base price of the commodity in question not the current price at the given location. That’s ok as far as it goes, if somewhat at odds with its description, but it got me thinking. So I went back and checked and sure enough a lot of the disasters in the original scenario seem to be written with the idea that they are modifying the price at the location such that you get disasters that lower the price to the same already low price. For example the low price of medical supplies (standard low price 600 credits per ton) on Hargen(spöb143) in Merrynne (syst179) is reduced by a good harvest of bio-agents (öops 135) from its base price of 750 credits/ton by 150 credits/ton to give a final price of 600 credits/ton which is of course the low price of medical supplies. Or the low price of luxury goods New Ireland (spöb 139) is reduced by an excess of trade (öops 132) to 720 credits/ton which is the low price of luxury goods. It also results in higher prices caused by disasters to be lower than the original high price such as the spate of break-downs (öops 134) on Greenwich (spöb 185) causing the equipment price to be 665 credits/ton instead of the original 687 credits/ton.

Now my question is whether or not that is the case in the Mac Version? I seem to recall there being some odd translational issues when I switched over to playing on PC, the dropping of a number of disasters and the elimination of a few interesting bits of trading stuff, although all this also involved a version change as well. As I no longer have access to a Mac or the older versions of the game I have to ask if anyone knows if this was a translation issue or something else.

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Not sure how much anyone but me cares, but on general principle I worked out a set of corrections so that the disasters give reasonable results here. There is no reason this should conflict with any plugin that does not modify the öops resources used in the original nova scenario. I am curious about whether this is a Mac problem as well and if so when this became a problem; but for now I think I’ll be off to continue my quest to find minor, easily correctible, problems that really only bother me.