Learn to Code!

So, not sure how many people are left hanging out around EVDC, but I imagine at least some of you are interested in programming. Maybe there was a tool program you wish existed for EV/O/N, or maybe your love of plug-in making has gotten you interested in more than just plug-ins and you want to learn how to program too.

Well, guess what? Now is the time to finally learn how to program! I am running a web course on Python over on the EV B&B and you're all invited! Python is an easy language for people who have never learned a programming language before. It's also powerful, and you can really do a lot with it. It's also a great language to learn concepts and paradigms that other languages use, so it'll make learning other languages easier too. This isn't just a "learn to code" course, either, where you copy a few programs and see how they run. I'll be covering computer science theory as well, giving you assignments to do creative problem solving, and answering all your questions (or at least pointing you in the right direction if I don't know). So head on over to the topic, get some basic information, and sign up. If you already know Python, come be a teaching assistant or just refresh your skills. There's already a few people signed up and this is gonna be fun.