A few years ago Pac started work on the spiritual successor to EVO, Age of the Council. He updated the galaxy and made a basic outline for the major events that would happen in the galaxy all in the Nova engine. He then called together a team to help him finish it and fill in the details. While some progress was made, for various reasons the team was unable to finish the project. Now with Pac and most of the original team gone, I am now in charge of AotC. Now I really want to see AotC completed, but I don't want to see it completed in a form that would be a disgrace to the original, so with that in mind I have decided a few things. These include a new team, a new team leader, a complete outline for the various storylines in detail (including the side missions), a new engine to power the game, and high quality graphics and sounds.

Currently we are looking for new team members who can outline missions/storylines with gameplay being at the forefront of the missions, game designers to come up with new ideas to make AotC have more depth not just in the missions, but with trading, combat and other things, and finally coders, who won't work immediately, will need their opinions on what might be too complex to get done in a timely fashion, and advice for which engine to use. We also need people who can just recruit more members, so we have the right mix of people to get this done right.

Anyone who wishes to join the team can post on the AotC public forum. I also recommend reading the information posted there as well. Thanks for your interest in AotC.

AotC Public Forum

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