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This is going to be the official status thread for my first TC, EV-Dawn.

EV-Dawn is set in 2256 AD. The Governing body of earth, the U.E.C (United Earth Coalition), has just begun to colonise nearby systems due to the recent invention of the warp drive. The ships required for colonisation are huge, with energy requirements shadowing cities. You start out as one of the few chosen for the colonisation program, and must first help transport goods around the system of sol before being entrusted to take the helm of a colony ship.

The main idea for this TC is the expansion of the U.E.C and taking over systems, to increase the overall tech level of the U.E.C.

There are five races; aeon (ay-ee-on), naos (nay-os), xygas (zi-gas), tertians (tersh-ans) and the U.E.C, as well as minor alien space-borne races.

As you expand the U.E.C, you will eventually find these other races and have the chance to switch storylines and abandon your home planet (this may change to having the option to start off as one of the five races).

Official Website:

To do list:

Main menu-100%
Planets and Systems-3%
Weapons and outfits-0%
Tech level/expansion system-0%
Readme File-0%

Current Team:

Main Menu -

Help with creating ship graphics would be appreciated, thanks.

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