A serious issue with EVNEW

Putting this in its own topic.

I play on a Windows and have been using EVNEW to work on my stuff. However, I've run into a problem. At first I thought it was minor but now it's threatening my work.

When I open EVNEW and run EVNEW, and create a new plug-in, that plug-in... well, it never actually appears when I'm running around my folders looking for it. I created a plug-in in the plug-ins folder... but it doesn't appear there when I open the folder. Only EVNEW seems to be able to see it. It seems stuck to that file location as well: if I re-name the folder, the file doesn't follow it. When I rename the folder again to the original name, it's there again.

Setting EVNEW to "run as administrator" seems to stop this from happening, but now the problem has been applied to the files I've been editing with EVNEW (at first it wouldn't, now it is), and when I run EVNEW as admin it cannot see these hidden files. So, now, all the files I've been working on (the original files from the EVO to EVN conversion) have been affected. That's a LOT of data. Worst comes to worst, I can one-by-one copy them from a non-admin EVNEW into an admin EVNEW and save new files... but I'm hoping there's another way to just... fix the files that I have. 😞

Agh, halp!

The issue isn't with EVNEW as much as it is with Windows and how it handles permissions for legacy programs attempting to access the Program Files folders. I assume that you are on Windows 7 or 8 based on the issues you're experiencing. I've suffered much the same, and was unable to actually even delete old plug-ins. Also, EVNEW will sometimes run into permissions problems and not actually save a file to the plug-ins folder, or if a plug-in of the exact same name is filed there, it will revert to the previous file. Due to no further development of EVNEW, there is not going to be a solution apart from running the program as an administrator, and even that will only prevent some of the issues you're seeing.

Sorry I couldn't give you better help. 😞

Nah it's okay. The worst part is gonna be copying all the mission descriptions, but I likely will just be making all my own new stuff from scratch anyway, so it won't be a huge deal. Thanks.

So EVNEW isn't being further developed? Is there any other options for Windows editors? I think I might have heard that Mission Computer was being adapted to Windows?

There is Alpha 1 of Mission Computer for Windows.

There is a download link in the thread for Mission Computer 4.

But it's now off the list (the first page).

I can seek the topic if you want to.

Or I could send you the .exe file and the read me, if that is OK with David Arthur.

I would then upload them both to my SkyDrive and give you a download link.

As MissionComputer contains no Windows 7-related code, I suspect it would experience exactly the same issues, although you may find it appealing in other areas.

What language is mission computer written in?

I can confirm that MC for Windows does have exactly the same problems, and there's nothing I had expected anyone to do about it. I know very little about programming, but I have some friends who do, and I've asked them about it. Programming for the new permissions is a pain, and takes a lot of work. It's much more intensive than simply porting code.

A few short term solutions for you, though. You can cut and paste resources from file to file in EVNEW. The classic shortcuts don't work, but the menus work fine. Mission Computer works excellent for editing some resources, and the graphical interface is much better for many things than EVNEW. There are some editors in EVNEW that are not yet functional in MC, though I hear it's being worked on. I have done little Nova programming in the recent months, but last time I did, I used both programs to work on various parts of a plug file. I found it perfectly fine to alternate between the programs, with no file issues.

I also suggest working on plugs outside of the plug-in folder until you are ready to test them. Windows will be much happier with you. Rename plugs each time you move them to the plug-in folder. I recommend adding a number or naming convention behind it. It helps Windows keep from getting confused.

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