Negative Inaccuracy hack - "fixed"?

I recently rediscovered Nova and started dicking around with some stuff and I remembered a cool weapon trick that is described here:


In particular, "A value of -90 (inaccuracy) would make shots that fire directly to the sides of the ship, but the shots will point forward." But now it seems that the game (and Mission Computer) treats negative inaccuracy values exactly like positive ones. This seems to be the case for new plug-ins as well as old ones I don't recall having problems with.

Was this feature "fixed" in some version released in the past 5 years or so? Cause man, silly as it seems, I would consider that a crying shame.

@qaanol, on 26 December 2012 - 04:57 AM, said in Negative Inaccuracy hack - "fixed"?:

Pardon me while I link to the same thread you did, 15 posts lower.

I had read that post, but I was unclear about its meaning—I interpreted it to mean that as long as the exit point wasn't the exact origin/center of the ship, it would work. But apparently all values of the exit points in the shän have to be nonzero. Thanks for that—next time I'll do a bit more goofing around before I complain on the forums.

Only the x coordinate need be nonzero.

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