My new plug-in has released! It's called Kestrel Plus. Kestrel Plus gives you a possiblity of getting stronger ship from the Deliver Kestrel Parts mission than you would otherwise get. You get a Kestrel that is stronger than the Atinoda Kestrel, instead of being weaker than the Atinoda Kestrel.

My ship has: 250 shields, as much as a Confederate Frigate. 100 armor, as much as a Confederate Cruiser. 30 Torpedoes, more than any ship in the galaxy. And 2 Torpedo launchers. 4 Lightnings, which I have seen that they can destroy a Kestrel by themselves. 3 Proton Turrets and 6 Proton Cannons, for more primary weapons power than any ship in the galaxy. 200 tons of weapon space- you can buy anything you want. You can buy dozens of Torpedoes and still have lots of space left! 160 tons of cargo space - you can buy a lot Mass Expansions for still more space.

I noticed I already have 1 download. Somebody has already downloaded it. I think that is fast - I didn't even make a topic annoucing the release.

Edit: My plug-in is compatible with Blackthorne Kestrel, so you can use both of them at the same time.

Edit2: My ship is intended as replacement for the Kestrel you get in Deliver Kestrel Parts. Have I got no replies because people don't understand the purpose of my ship?

Edit3: Blackthorne Kestrel always gets more downloads and is now at 50. Meanwhile, Kestrel Plus has only gotten 3. Does that mean anything? Like that people are not interested in my plug-in? And if so, why not? I thought anything related to Deliver Kestrel Parts is interesting.

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