Landing Scenes

I was wondering how people created landing scenes for their plugs (particularly the ones from revisited, frozen heart, and cold fusion as they more represent the style I'm going for). I've had a bit of luck with terranim8or, with the slight inconvenience of anim8or's wonky rendering and my tan8 textures looking like a blurry mess when I zoom in. Anyway, if any of you have detailed tips, tutorials, etc. it would be seriously appreciated.

Bryce is the traditional tool for such scenes, which I believe was used for all three games. And it's free!

Where has this been all my life?!

I remember using Blender and Terragen in the past as well. But DA is correct; Bryce is the traditional tool for this purpose.

To be fair, the benefit calculus changed significantly when Bryce went free.

True, but so is Blender, and Terragen is free to try out. (The trial version will give renders large enough to use for landing scenes in Nova.)

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