Mission availability weirdness

Trouble with AvailBits and Require

I'm having some difficulty getting a few missions to show up when they're supposed to, and more importantly, not show up when they aren't supposed to.

I have a class of ships, Freighters, that set a contribute bit, and an outfit for passenger cabins that sets another contribute bit. There are missions for transporting passengers that are only available if these bits are set, and then are available all the time. The trouble is that when you buy the passenger ship (a freighter that comes with cabins), the missions don't show up at the planet you're currently on. Taking off and landing makes no difference. They do show up if you go to another planet, or quit and then restart EVN.

Similarly, if you sell the passenger ship and buy, say, a warship, the passenger missions are still there, with the same conditions (they don't go away until you quit or go to a different planet). That's the part that's giving me headaches; I don't want to be able to carry passengers on ships with no cabins.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I tried using control bits instead of contribute/require, but the same thing happens, so there's no workaround there. Frustrating, to say the least.

Using EVN 1.1.1 and MissionComputer 4.2.0, on a G5 running OS X Server 10.5.8.

I don’t believe you can force the engine to recalculate mission availability based on buying/selling a ship or outfit.

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