Stuck because I can't extract data. help?

**i had an outdated version of missioncomputer. this post can be removed. my bad / super excited to have this working.

I'm trying to do a gameplay rebalance/storyline & universe edit, but I have only been able to work on ships, outfits and their descriptions so far because I have been able to find copies of those resources in other plugins. I can't actually open the nova data files with MissionComputer or copy resources out of them, even though the missioncomputer notes seem to say I should be able to. I don't have an old computer that can run ResEdit and novatools. How are people getting the resources to make plugins in the first place? I can't figure it out.

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Yes, they introduced a new data format in EV Nova 1.1, which earlier versions of MissionComputer can’t open. I’m not really sure what the point was — the new format is only a slight variation on the old one, and can’t do anything new — but the important thing is that you can get the resources out.

For your own work, incidentally, my advice is to continue using the old format. Switching to the new one wouldn’t accomplish anything except breaking compatibility, both with older versions of the game and with Windows.

Thank you for the reply! I don't have a copy of the old-style data files though - and I've started work already.

What I meant is that the plug-in you’re creating should be saved in the normal format — what MissionComputer calls EV Nova Macintosh — rather than the new NDAT format that the data files are in. The actual resources are the same no matter what, so you can still copy resources from the new data files.

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