So, I'm fiddling around with my own private "What happens after" plug for EVN, but I'm hitting a problem:

When I place dude resources in systems, only non-capital ships show up. Only little things. This is frustrating, as I would rather like capital ships to show up.

Furthermore, they don't just not show up, they decrease the ships in-system. So if I set a system to have ONLY capital ships (Auroran Cruisers/Carriers, Fed Destroyers/Carriers) in it, when I jump in-system, it will reliably be empty, no matter if the amount of ships set to be in it is 1, 10, or 50.

Now, of course, I know why this is happening, in terms of EVN's story. I finished the Polaris mission string and chose to attack Auroran space; in the mission text it tells you pretty explicitly that you are crippling the galaxy's ability to wage war. I get, storyline-wise, why there are no capital ships.

But... I would really like to be able to place capital ships for my plug. And I can't seem to make it work, and can't find what caused all the fed carriers and destroyers, and all the Aurorans too. Endless battles between the million Abomination variants and RAGE/Fed Patrol Ships are not what I'm looking to create.

Is there a simple solution to this?

(also: the new planet that is a memorial to Ory'Hara in Polaris space... is it supposed to be a duplicate of Earth?)