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Hi all,

I remember way, way back--about three, maybe four computers ago now--there were bunches of Nova editors and utilities. There was one that I had that would open a shan, load in the rleDs, and show you how the ship looked with lights, glow, shields, and where the weapon exit points were. It had check boxes to turn them each on and off.

Does anyone remember that, and what it was called? I'd assumed it was in MissionComputer, but it wasn't there when I looked. Was it part of Novatools? (I can't even remember the last computer I had that could run ResEdit.) I tried looking around for some of the others, but I couldn't find it on Ambrosia's site, and anything that wasn't there seems to be dead.

It's not vital by any means, but it'd sure be nice to have again.

I've been off the forums for a couple years now, but to my knowledge, the only editor that had those capabilities is NovaTools. I still keep a pre-Intel iMac around, and doing shäns is about half the reason.

Someone who's stayed current on editors could help you more, but unless something's changed in the last year or two, that's your only bet.

NovaTools is the only package I know that gives graphical previews in the shän editor.

Did it look like this?

That’s NovaTools in OS 9 within SheepShaver on my Intel MacBook Pro running OS X Snow Leopard.

That's it, all right. Oh, well. Thanks, guys.

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