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A fan made EV clone, in tribute to Ambrosia SW

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greetings pilots,
Just a quick note. I've been developing an EV clone over the past couple of days. I love EV, so I want to make an updated version of it. This will be open source.

currently implemented:
- multiplayer (did this first)
- sprite rendering
- simple 2D sprite interaction (flight)
- environmental lighting
- adjustable cameras

I've uploaded a testing version. It'd be great if someone could try it out and tell me how it went.
It's not terribly fun to play, but it's not suppose to be.
This test covers:
1. multiplayer (client/server connections, transmitting of flight data)
- priority: highest. multiplayer needs to be sorted out first and foremost. if not, it'll never be fun.
2. lighting
- there are several coloured "suns" around the position the player spawns.
- try to find them. you start in the middle. go up to find the first. when it gets dark, turn around, or disconnect and reconnect.

(test version 0.2) http://ubuntuone.com...xZVzq1oZg8qSxbs
1. click the link above
2. if you haven't already installed the Unity Web player, then follow the instructions to install it.
if you want to test by yourself:
3. click "Start Server"
4. use the controls to fly around
5. open a new web browser and go to the above address again
6. enter for the 'Address'
7. click 'Connect'
8. try to find your other ship in the other web browser
9. repeat from step 5. if you need music, open a new tab and go to the link above and click 'Music'

if you want to try this with friends, you'll have to setup port forwarding....i think....? not sure. it's spose to use NAT... I'll set up a server soonish for you guys to join and muck abou---erm, i mean test.

thrust: w( warning: i didn't cap the maximum velocity, so don't keep the forward arrow help down for long)
rotate left: a
rotate right: d
shoot primary: space

zoom in: mouse scroll down
zoom out: mouse scroll up
implemented but currently non-functional:
shoot secondary: shift
next secondary: e
previous secondary q (i plan on changing the flight controls to wasd)
closest/next target: tab
previous target: shift-tab
closest hostile: r


ps. it's actually much harder to find the light sources than i first thought. i'll fix this up soon. my advice is to move slowly. sorry for no background star field for reference.

if you want your ship graphic in the test versions, post a link for me!

other things i need:
- 3d models: because it's unity, i can replace the 2d sprites with 3d models. so i need ships, planets, asteroids, etc.
- 2d sprites: anything really.
- audio: anything

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This is gonna be moved into a different forum, probably. But while it's here - yea, I can help you out with audio if you ask for specific sounds. Long-time sound engineer nerd here.

Indeed, moving this topic through the circuit...

Circuit complete.

I've seen so many of these sorts of projects come and go, I am unlikely to get involved unless it's really far along. I know that's the sort of attitude that might doom it, but this is ultimately your baby now. You have to have the drive to do this completely solo, and people will jump on to help towards the end if it looks like all that's needed is art and sounds and writing and stuff.

I could help you with coding, but I have no time. I could toss a few sounds your way, but not until it's further along and certainly not as many as you'll need. I could definitely do some writing for it, but not until the game is basically done with all the ships and stuff.

@Oscare thanks, man

@mrxak well, you could say it is far along. Using the Unity3D engine basically means, "everything is done, you just have to create some gameObjects and script them", hence why I'm now asking for audio, models, etc.
Without models and data and stuff, I will only code it with a cube in mind. Does that make sense?

ps. i thought evDevCorner was for plugins.

EVDC has become a place for programming projects related to EV Nova. (The MissionComputer thread is a good example of this)

This post has been edited by JacaByte : 17 September 2011 - 11:33 PM

well, my clone won't be able to open EV plugins... either way.

just updated the project. details are in the OP.
anyone tested it yet?
- control keys changed to wasd
- you can shoot now with space bar, but i haven't adjusted the position or anything yet
- moved the environmental lights a bit closer together

@jacabyte, on 17 September 2011 - 11:33 PM, said in EV: Tribute:

EVDC has become a place for programming projects related to EV Nova. (The MissionComputer thread is a good example of this)

I always thought of MissionComputer as being here because its appeal is to plug-in developers, not as a development project itself.

But as much as I could argue that this thread belongs in Just Tech, it does seem more likely to prosper here than anywhere else, so I think it can remain for the present.

@david-arthur, on 18 September 2011 - 09:44 AM, said in EV: Tribute:

I always thought of MissionComputer as being here because its appeal is to plug-in developers, not as a development project itself.

Er, what I should have said was the the members who come here typically have programming experience, spriting experience, sound making experience, etc. That illustrates my point a bit better I think.

This post has been edited by JacaByte : 18 September 2011 - 10:29 AM

point taken. thankyou for clarifying!

How is this coming along? It looks interesting.


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