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Ok well I have come up with a couple plug-in ideas that will probally work with the demo version of pog, but will also probally have to be made with the full version of CS. So i made this little sugjestion box where anyone can make sugestions about plug-ins they would like to see or improvements for plug-ins that have all ready been made. I will now list my ideas and edit this post if i ever think of new ones..... or just to fix my many spelling errors. :laugh:

1. After playing with the trinity plug and playing the ranger class, I loved being able to turn into a mole spider and fighting off badys in that form. So i was wondering if someone could make a plug that would let someone be able to buy more spell books that let you turn into different forms of monsters. This being said it would be lots more fun if you would have to do tasks or complete quests in order to be even able to buy these books so the player would play PoG more as to be able to buy the books. And on that note I would love to be able to decide when to get out of the monster form instead of just letting the timer run out, the books that would let u transform could have a limited amount of uses but I, and others would probally rather a spell book that used up magic points and so on. Well i hope that this long sugestion maybe sparked some ideas. 🙂

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Keep the good ideas coming, Two Jacks (and others,) and hopefully all the plugins will still work if and when the updates ever become reality. Sad to say but I don't think there are very many who still read this forum besides you and me. 😞 I have one point concerning your suggestion. A player with the demo version can only use one plugin at a time, so he could not be a Ranger (in Trinity) and access new spells from some other plugin. That's not to say that the new plugin can't give the player "Shape-Shifter" skills without using Trinity, but he can't do both at once.

Judging from the downloads on the Addons page, there are about 80 people still active with PoG. Some of those people may not even come here for information.

Despite the seeming lack of interest, I'm still working on a major plugin to be playable with the demo. Five full-sized maps are planned (two are now complete) and a bunch of new monsters (not too difficult to defeat.) I'll give you a sneak peak at one of them:
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I expect I'll need about a month or so to finish. Hopefully there will still be some people here to play it when it's done.

thank you RD. BTW I have noticed RD that you are quite capeble with CS so ive wondered why you havent come out with a game? PoG demo is like 200mb so you could make one and put it up on the add-ons page right? i would help with the beta and im sure that it would help keep other players intrested. (i think) well give it some thought. (BTW again u wouldnt hav to make new graphics and such just make a game lol)

I haven't come up with a game because I have yet to find the "brilliant idea" around which the game is to be built. 😛 If I were to do a game, I think I would want a LOT of new graphics because otherwise it would just look like a PoG ripoff. Debra has been working on her new game for three years now and it's not done yet. Damsels in Distress took me seven months to complete and it's 14.8 mb in the compressed state. The maximum upload size for the Addons pages is, at present, 15 mb.

The plugin I'm now working on, Voyage to Brunaria, is 27.9 mb right now and it's not finished yet! I'm going to need special dispensation from ASW just to be able to upload it. 😞

whoa! maybe AmbrosiaSW wont let you upload something that because, it was for say a game different from PoG people on the net would go "Hey if PoG isnt working i might as well just forget about it and play this one." wich meens (i think) that when the fix for PoG comes out within the next century people would not want to buy it. Or maybe its jus simplt because they cant up load it cause they need the MB room for their own site 😛 who knows? and i cant wait for the plug RD good luck, and whats this about Debra no offense but ive never even seen her. So where could i get up-dates on her progress?

Two Jacks, on Aug 2 2005, 04:30 PM, said:

. . whats this about Debra no offense but ive never even seen her. So where could i get up-dates on her progress?
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Debra is one of the moderators on the Coldstone forum. She's very secretive about her progress so don't expect updates on that. 🙂 I've been in on some of the testing of it, but I'm not allowed to even tell you the name of the game, much less what it's about. I expect she will go commercial with it when it is finished, meaning, of course, one will have to buy it to play it.

ah!!!! thats no fair!!!!!! >_<!!! if I beta test do i get it free? 😄 though i doubt i would be hired lol. Wow if yo have to buy it to play it, it surely must be masive and she might have created her own graphics and such. hmmmm cant wait for it to come out! Wich brings me to the question "Have any idea when its going to be released?" wich brings me to question "Should I just forget about PoG and CS?" :mellow:

Two Jacks, on Aug 2 2005, 09:00 PM, said:

Have any idea when its going to be released?
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Should I just forget about PoG and CS?
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No, please don't.

Ok RD i wont but it has been 2 years since the anouncement but ill keep plain with PoG untill im at lvl1000000 or somethin lol