or two...

I have done a lot of work on my plug. Redone it, even, a couple times. I'd like for one or two people to agree to test-run it. Look over my items, see how things balance out, see if there are any bugs I need to know about. Basically, I want you to go through the game as normal, and make sure that no planets look like ships (happened once, and I fixed it), or anything they are not supposed to be. A fresh pair (or two) of eyes.

I'll be including my readme, so please look it over. I want feedback on everything. I don't really have a timetable, just so long as it doesn't take forever. lol

So, if a couple of you great folks out here could PM me, I'll give you the link to my dropbox. I don't want the file widely available, as I plan on doing more work, I just want a progress report. Any takers?

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