[ANN] An Ancient Tomb

New plugin by Ledorax

In the growing list of plugins designed to work with the demo version of PoG, we now have a short story by Ledorax. I think An Ancient Tomb is fun to play and will certainly help the player strengthen his abilities.

HINTS: 1) Save your game before you do risky things. 😉 2) Poke around in strange places if you want to uncover some secrets. :mellow:

ok well ive beeten the tomb, faught the guardand solved the riddle, and have broken the wand and all that. But now im wondering iif this is all of the plug. So this is directed to the createor. Is there anything more to this plug, because in his journal he writes of his master Grimban but i find no clues to his whereabouts. So is there an actual Grimbran at all or am i looking in all the wrong places?


I intended to include Grimbran who would have another wand (in the tomb there would be one too). Together, they could be used to open the entrance to the fourth tomb. I never did this, though, as it became all clichéd and big. So no, you can't kill his master.

-- awwwww..... man 😉 that sound likes it would have been really fun... Well if u ever feel like working on that plug again, PLZ PLZ PLZ fiinish it! ><! (btw youe "to" good at riddles i could only get the one with the answer "music") ok well if u decide not to work on it again its ok...