For TC Devs: Pirate and Police Concept

I'd like to let all you TC developers know I recently released something you may find useful to the addons page (fourth one down if you view Newest last I checked). Specifically, it's a plug-in titled Pirate and Police Concept which is a tech demo/proof of concept of an idea that originally was going to be in the Open Source TC. The plug-in, which should be ran as a plug-in with Absolute Minimum as its data files, is playable and showcases the interactions between ships in a more in-depth piracy system that includes civilians, police, military, and pirates who may or may not choose to disguise themselves. The idea is explained in more detail within the readme that is included in the TC. You're free to use it without having to ask, but I do request you give me credit if you incorporate the concept. Hopefully sooner or later I'll see a TC released that utilizes this concept. It should make things a little more interesting in-game.

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Wow, that sounds really awesome! Can't wait to check this out. Thanks Josh!

You could make two kinds of disguised pirates: the "Help the Blatant Pirates" ones and the "Keep cover" ones.

Good use of gövt!

Josh, you oughta put up a website with links to all your plugs.

Hey JTH, I can provide hosting if you need a site for all your plugs and EV stuff if you're interested.

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