The Land of Haboth

First off, I'm working on a new world called 'The Land of Haboth' and it's coming along pretty well but I'm having a bit of trouble with making conversations and in the read me it doesn't really explain that much :). Could someone please help me with conversations and explain how they work? Thanks in advance, Jesse

Select sprite in the first info box give it a number such as 1. Select Conversation in the edit menu, type in 1, press yes.

The two boxes for each line, is for the name and picture. You get the picture id, by looking it up in ResEdit. Now you type in the line. The conversation goes to the next box, unless there are goto commands, or you make the user select their responce. For characters to remember you write (been here check) in the conv line (You don't have to mess with the pict/name boxes). Then in the condition box, type 4; first argument box, type 1. Then the line in the goto box. Plus the goto box for the else part. You can have them give you stuff, and take stuff by typing in the actions boxes, but I'm still trying to figure out what number does what. And then you can use Perm Flags, for other options.

This is about it on my knowledge of conversations.

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Allow me to add to that. First off, you must, must, must have a face PICT defined for every goto line you intend the user to read. This is what kept me from using conversations for so long.

Secondly, I suggest starting conversations at ID 200. I don't know at all if it really makes a difference, but it's how Dr. Ben did it, and I don't like to deviate far from the unknown.

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I don't really think starting at 200 is necisary. I think it just has something to do with making sure things don't overlap or have the same ID or something like that. Anyway, it can't hurt to just start there.

And the pict faces, yes, you do have to have one for every conversation line. But not for the checks (where there is no speaking). Or at least Dr. Ben got away with that.

Now, could you explain those arguments in a little more detail, the read me is confusing.

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I find making conversations very easy.
Maybe it helps to know BASIC and C. 😄

As for the face IDs, I would recommend 128 or higher.

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Thanks for the help but AAARRRRGGGHHHH!! I make different levels but after you get past the first and it goes to the second, the line that ferazel's little head goes over goes clear to the top left and it sez there's not enough memory and quits. And, I know there's plenty of memory. Once again thanks for the help ;)!


Aha! Another undocumented feature!

Level exits, unbeknownst to manual-readers, have parameters, too. The bad news is that I'm not 100% sure what some things mean. Object INFO(0) = -1 and a level exit define where you can only go backwards, rather than forwards, from a level. In Ben's games, 1 defines going forward. When I tried that, I got that same thing. If you're getting that, use 0 instead. If you're using 0, change it to 1. I have no idea why; that's the impression I got from staring at the real levels day-after-day.

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