automated tasks for mission computer or resedit

I'm guessing tons of people have wanted this and asked about it, but I can't find a thread pertaining to it. As with many questions, none of the search key words I'm using are finding anything.

Now, I'm entirely grateful for the existence of mission computer and am not complaining. I'm simply wondering if there is any way, through mission computer or otherwise, to modify multiple resources at once. ie set ALL auroran cruisers to have a new max ion level. This would save a huge amount of time for those modifications that apply to the hundreds of similar resources compared to doing every single one individually.

Anyone know of such automation?

Thanks in advance.

Really the only things that MissionComputer can do to resources in bulk are copying and deleting resources. The idea has indeed been raised in the past, but as far as I can see the only way to implement it that would be wide-ranging enough to cover all the potential things one might want automated would be if I re-wrote everything to support AppleScript.

This has its appeal, but it would be a large amount of work, as it would require substantial changes to the internal paradigm on which MissionComputer operates. It would be hard to justify such an endeavour at this point in the life of MissionComputer (and EV Nova ), and historical evidence shows that scriptable applications are sadly underappreciated, as few people care enough to go to the trouble of learning the relevant parts of AppleScript.

You want ConText and ResStore. Just yesterday I used them to replace all occurrences of shïp 128 in all düdes with shïp 195.

Using ConText

  1. Open ConText
  2. Open plug-in with ConText (must be Mac format)
  3. Choose which resource types to process
  4. Save resulting text file

Working with resulting text file

  1. Open text file with spreadsheet program
    - a. In Excel make sure to use Open (not Import), and not to use delimiters for text (delete the default quotes)
  2. Copy the parts you want into a new spreadsheet, batch modify them, and copy back
  3. Open the text file with TextWrangler
  4. Replace the changed rows
  5. Save as text
    - a. Set format to Western (Mac OS Roman) and line breaks to Class Mac (CR)

Using ResStore

  1. Open ResStore
  2. Open new text file with ResStore
  3. Save resulting plug-in
  4. Open plug-in with MissionComputer and copy the changed resources back into your main plug-in if necessary

This is the setting you need to use in Excel:

If you use Excel, you need to open Excel first and choose the Open menu item (not Import), then enable All Readable Files, and choose the ConText file. If you use a different spreadsheet program, the important point is to make sure the quotes around text fields do not get eliminated, and that the characters with umlauts appear properly.

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