ConTextResStore and rlëD

no worky on 10.6?

It has been years since I have poked around with EV stuff, but I wanted to look at some graphic recently. I was pleased to see ConTextResStore launched, but it fails when it tries to work with rlëD resources. At least on my 10.6 system it fails. Haven't tested on any PPC arch running 10.5

Is this a known problem? Is there a work around? Am I the only one using ConTextResStore still?


Go with the “All but extraneous resources” option. ConText shouldn’t do anything with graphics or sound resources, since converting them to text doesn’t make much sense. If you want their hex values, Rezilla should suffice (and with the custom templates, it is a serviceable plug-in editor, although nowhere near MissionComputer for most purposes.) Conversely, if you want to extract the frames of an rlëD, that’s what DeRLE is for.

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