Need graphics and a SFX for CTC 1.3

Not going to give away any of the real details here, because I'm wanting what I've added to be a bit of a surprise. However, I can say it requires two outfit graphics and a sprite and needs to be at least up to Colosseum's quality. I also need a sound effect to accompany this addition, though if all else fails I might be able to get one on my own.

If those kind of things are up your alley and you want to make a quick contribution, send me a PM and I'll get you the details you'd need.

And, of course, full credit will be given.

I can do sound effects.

As I said, PM me please. I don't want to spoil details on the public forums.

Double posting to say that everything is either taken care of or volunteered for now, so there's no need to make any inquiries.

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