evn -minimum turn rate for game play

30˚/sec minimum?

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I couldn't find any relevant results for this topic through a search.

I've noticed that ships dont seem to be able to have an active turn rate less than 30˚/sec in evn. Player ships will lose their ability to turn if ionizing weapons decreases their turning to less than 30 (this is very debilitating). Ships that I've made with a turn rate less than 30˚/sec (10 in the editor), will have a minimum turn rate of 30˚/sec in the game when bought.

Could someone tell me why this is and if there is any "fix" for it?

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If it only happens to the ship when controlled by the player, you may be able to give the ships in question an invisible outfit that brings their turn rate down to the level you want.

Hmm. Does anyone know if there is a way for player ships with low turn rates to avoid getting "frozen" when ionized to a turn rate less than 30˚/sec? Ever time a slow ship of mine gets fully ionized, it won't turn at all until it dissipates.

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As far as I know, the only way to avoid that is to make the ships turn faster than 30°/sec. Since that's a constant, it's possible to scale everything's speed up, but that can end up introducing other problems, mostly with the combat AI.

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