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Volunteer to help and get a crack at the alpha.

Alright, I'm putting this up to go alongside my other thread in which I've been reporting development on the Delphi TC. Every once in a while I need contractors to help me with certain tasks, and thus I'll be posting any available work here. Anybody who helps with the plug-in construction gets an early shot at trying out the alpha release (ships, planets, universe, but no missions/story).

What I need:

1. TerraGen landscapers. It's a great program, and it puts out fantastic photorealistic images, but it's a lot of extra stuff to learn just to create landing graphics. If anybody has some free time and wants to learn how to use the free version of TerraGen, or if you already know how to use it, post a few landscape submissions here and I'll review them. If they're what I need, you are free to keep them coming and I'll slot them into the game wherever I can fit them. Anybody and everybody can contribute; I'm not just taking one person's portfolio here.

2. Sound File resource-writers. I do not have a Mac OS 9 computer, and from what I've learned, the only way to put new sound effects into Nova is using a few tools native to OS 9. If you have an OS 9 machine and would be willing to help me port my .aifs into resource plug files, post here. Again, I'll take any and all help.

Many thanks to Jean Luc Picard (forum user, not space captain) who already pledged his sword to my cause.

If you are interested in a specific job, please include the job listing in your posts so that I can sort them easier. Try using a bold header like "Sound Design" or something like that if you're covering that job.

Remember, anybody who can offer a good chunk of help gets a free copy of the alpha version of the plug-in! I'll post more jobs as they become available.

(In truth, even the final version of the plug-in will be free, it's just that anybody who helps will get to try it sooner before final release.)

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** After hanging around these boards for so long, doing nothing really useful, I wouldn't miss out on this opportunity.

However, Delphi, I'm quite sad to say that I can't get to help out immediately. I'm out of country right now and will be returning tomorrow--plus, I'm not sure if my copy works. I last touched it before the first-gen G5 I used broke. I haven't re-downloaded it onto the second-gen I now use.

I'll give you a verdict when I get back home.

A thousand thank-yous, King. There's no gigantic rush. Delphi is done when it's done, so I'll always have something to do. If I run out of outfits, I move on to spobs. If I run out of spobs, I move on to ships. If I run out of ships, I might do some sounds. It's all very flexible. Eventually everything will be completed to a level I find acceptable, at which point I'll call it the alpha release. Perhaps the final version will have only 10 landing graphic types. Perhaps it'll have 150. There's no criteria or time constraints that need to be met. Just throw whatever you can my way and I'll sift through and use the best that everybody gives me.

There are, of course, a few that I'm doing exclusively myself, for creative purposes. The core of the Delphi story is mine, but like any good RPG, there has to be an entire world to explore. That's where anybody that wants to help, can. Just think about what it'd be like to be sent out to a planet in some corner of space, and see the planetary graphic that you designed. That planet is your creation. Your world. Your part of something huge.

I don't want this to just be my plug. I want this to be everybody's plug. I want people to make this their own private getaway.

Hell, it'd probably be an MMO if I could make it such without ruining the story.

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Oops. I have confirmed that I confused TerraGen with LunarCell by mistake.

In all honesty, I had no idea what TerraGen was until now, and all I know is it's nothing near LunarCell.

I don't think I can be as of much help as I wish to be now.

King, Terragen looks very daunting, but trust me on this: if you check out a few tutorials, you'll be up and running in no time at all. Give it a go and see what you can do. When I first opened Terragen2, I thought it was somewhat like looking at the cockpit of a fighter jet. After doing a create-a-basic-landscape tutorial, I was in much better shape.

I also have terragen 2, and may be able to help. although i am considering downloading terragen 1, as my computer doesn't quite have the beef to run T2.

here are some example images that you are free to use.
terragen 1

bryce, which i am also considering getting again

terragen 2, rendered on lowest setting, still took about 6 hours

terragen 2 again, slightly higher quality.

i tried to post the images, but it said it would not allow dynamic pages in (img) tags...

anyway, i can also use blender and photoshop. I am very good at spaceships and stations and things.
here's my photobucket if you would like to see some other stufff:

I also have Terragen, and.... a computer capable of running the sound conversion program. I have no idea how to do it, but I can find out.

As far as Terragen goes, I've spent about a year and a half fiddling with it, but I put it down about 11 months ago. I've not used 2 at all.

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