Help needed for plug-in modification

I've been out og the loop for a while

So after many years and a new iBook, I've finally gotten back to my ASW game portfolio. I've gotten EV Nove 1.1.0 and figured out how to modify the resources in native OS X, but I'm having trouble with adding new outfits and changing the stats on ships (maximum turrets and so forth). I've tried modifying them in plugins and the data files directly, but the ships remain unchanged. What else do I need to be doing?

I assume you're doing edits with MissionComputer (you should be.) As of Mac Nova 1.1, plug-ins now reside in /Users/ username /Library/Application Support/EV Nova/Plug Ins. The data files, as I'm sure you've found, are inside the application bundle. If you modify them, the game should change to reflect your edits, and I can't imagine why it wouldn't. However, I don't recommend modifying them. The way total conversions work has also changed (you can choose which data files to use for Nova.) If you're saving plug-ins as plug-ins, in the proper folder, they ought to work. If you still have problems, could you please explain exactly what you are doing, and exactly what does and does not happen, step by step?

I found where to put the plugins and most functions work with the exceptions of new outfits and changes to ship stats. I'm using Rezilla with the EV Nova Rezilla templates and that Rezilla plugin that was recommended.

What changes are you making to the outfits?
Are you sure that you're editing the correct ship, many ships have many different versions and it's not completely obvious which id that corresponds to any particular ship in game.

I figured out the ship bit. I was playing around with the latest version of the PlugPack and it's got the same IDs in about 3 different spots (I'm just turning the Kestrel into a Super Star Destroyer using some nice graphics I've got left over from an abandoned TC ages ago). Now my outfits on the otherhand still aren't showing up. Granted, there's only room for 3 more in it but that's all I need.

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