Nova Plug-in Question

Need help with designing a little plug-in.

I am currently working on a little plug-in for my own use, as a test to build up my skills in order to try making larger plug-ins.

I am trying right now to create a few outfits of varying levels of balance. However, I have not been able to get my new outfits to appear on the outfit screen, no matter what I set them to, further, when I try to mod existing outfits, the original outfit still appears, with its normal abilities, and the modified version does not appear.

Any help I can get with this is GREATLY appreciated.

To make the plug-in active, you'll need to place it within a folder titled "Plug-Ins". The exact location where this folder / directory is located varies depending on the version of EV Nova you have.

In general, find the folder where the game saves Pilot Files to (It will be titled "Pilots").
In the same directory as the "Pilots" folder appears, there should be another folder titled "Plug-Ins." If it isn't there, you can create one by that title.

On the Macintosh version 1.0.9, the folders you're looking for would have been in the same place as the EV Nova application itself.

On the Macintosh version 1.1, the folders would instead be < your harddisk's name >/Users/< some specific username >/Library/Application Support/EV Nova.

I'm afraid I don't know exactly where they would be located for the Windows versions, but the folder names you're looking for wouldn't have changed across platforms.

I hope this sets you in the right direction.

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On Windows, you'll need to go to C://program files (or program files x86 on 64 bit Windows systems,) EV Nova, and you'll see a folder marked "plug-ins." Drag, drop, and you should get your plug to work. I recommend creating a .txt file called debuglog, just in case. It'll let you know some of the issues with plugs.

I've noticed since Vista that if you modify a file in the Nova Folder and just hit save, the system overrides the changes and reverts to the old file. You'll need to drag the .rez file in question completely out of the program files directory system, change it, save it under a new name, then drag it back to the Nova directory. Don't know why, but I assume it has to do with security issues. This could be why your modifications to what I'm assuming is current Nova resources is not showing up in-game.

I have discovered what was causing the issue, the problem was something in Nova that caused the system to use the original value if the plug-in had values over a certain ammount, basically, my WinNova 1.0.A was ignoring the additions because of the fact they were not within the limits of what the program could understand, and using the original version instead. With some minor adjustments, I have since gotten the little plug-in working, and am now working on a few more.

For the record, All of my plug-ins are being made so as to be compatible with the PluginPackv18 plugins. This is because I use that plugin pack myself, if anyone is interested in seeing some of my ideas, or would like to make suggestions for interesting things to create, contact me at put PLUG-INS in the subject or you WILL be ignored.

That would also do it. Good luck!

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