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Can't buy items

I am working on a ship to add to Nova, and I have run into a small problem. Whenever I acquire the ship I have created, I cannot purchase ANY items for it, not even a map. What have I done wrong? I am using Mission Computer 405 on OS X.

Thanks for the help!

Well, I sorted it out. I copied a shîp file from the Nova resources and simply changed the information that needed to be changed, including the resource ID. That fixed it, but I still don't know why it would not let me purchase anything to begin with.

Stock Nova uses a Require bit to denote ships that can equip physical outfits.

Vell-Os ships are supposed to lack this particular bit, thus blocking them from purchasing outfits.

Creating a new ship from scratch wouldn't have set any Require bits, while copying / modifying an existing ship would have copied over the Require bit in the process.

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Gotcha. And thanks for the response. I had forgotten about the Vell-os thing.

The specific bit in question is bit 1, in case you needed to know that.

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