How to make one?

Hey, I'm wanting to make a new plug-in with an incredibly difficult storyline (there's a possibility even Arpia commanders may have a hard time with it, but it might only be as hard as the Alien invasion, maybe even a little harder), but I don't know how to make a storyline.
I mean, obviously a storyline is a series of missions back to back, but I know nothing about mission bits, or whatever you use to make them appear back to back.
So, can anyone explain how I would go about making a storyline, or at least reference something that's already explained it?
Also, how could I make new systems and stellars and the like?
Thanks in advance!

Try here
Zacha Pedro's guides are great. The FAQ's pages are a great resource, too. It's how I learned to write my first storyline/plugin (Rebel Yell). I'm still learning and have a long way to go.

The EV Nova Bible and Mission Computer help have the info you need for making systems (sÿsts), planets(spöbs), and anything else.

Have fun.

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Thank you very much. I actually just downloaded the EVN Bible today, and updated my version of MissionComputer, so as soon as I check out ZP's guides, I'll be set. Thank you very much.

I would take the time to outline your mission sequence on paper like a flowchart and work out which bit ranges you want to use. It can be extremely helpful once you actually start programming.

Yeah, I was just thinking that I would put in the missions and add the bits in later, but then I thought that'd be more work than necessary. I never actually thought of doing this, so I'll start with that. Thank you! 😄

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