Mission Bit Testing

Many many moons ago, when I was young and naive, I posted a topic, suggesting an idea in which I would program a mission bit tester, that would allow you to see the effects of everything on everything else. I managed to get a very basic prototype up, though it was nowhere near complete.

Now that I have some more years under my belt, especially in regards to coding, I am considering making a return to this project. This time coded in C++, with a little more planning involved, as a way to sharpen my coding knife.

An important question springs up, since I've been out of touch with the Dev world for some time now. Is such a tool still useful? Is there anything out that that already does this? Do people still care? Let me know!

If I may be pretentious enough to answer for everybody, yes and no. I think that for most people the documentation in the readily-available Nova Bits Bible would be more than sufficient, since it's essentially a static representation of… every bit's effect on everything else.

However (and this is a huge however), for editors, it would be a huge help. Speaking from my own experience, even though I've documented every bit Anathema uses and generally what it does, I sometimes still have a hard time keeping them all straight, especially in testing phases where the situation is quite fluid. A program that could help me keep a grasp on all those bits would be immensely helpful.

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