Missile Speeds

Does anybody know if it's possible to get missiles to behave like unguided projectiles in terms of speed? For the uninitiated, dummy weapons velocity = ship speed + weapon speed, while missiles just travel at weapon speed, which leads to things like "hellhound stacking" and other kinda silly things like missiles trailing the ship.

I've tried to get the effect by submunitioning an unguided shot to a missile, but I seem to recall that as soon as it subs, it just starts traveling exactly at the missile's designated speed, ignoring whatever velocity it had when it was a dummy projectile. Anybody got any clever suggestions? Other than just making the missiles faster, obviously…

what you could do is have the missile sub divide a couple times into copies of the same weapon (only faster of course) and depending on the range ten subdivisions would look nice

I'm assuming you want them to be guided, not freeflight rockets?

Hmm, that's not what I was looking for, but it's really a great idea. Come to think of it, I did the same thing with the Long Range Blaster Turret in Anathema, and then totally forgot about it. I'll have to toy around with it some more.

In response to krugeruwsp, yes I'm talking about guided weapons. I wasn't looking for what TheReclusiveOne suggested, which is getting guided weapons to accelerate, but rather getting guided weapons to factor the parent ship's speed into its "muzzle velocity." So for example if I'm in a ship moving at 1000 speed, and fire a missile with speed of 500, I'm trying to get it to move at 1500 speed (which is what an unguided projectile would do) rather than trailing behind me.

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There was a post somewhere, or maybe a plugin, about a cloak-tracking missile, which was basically an unguided projectile that would constantly sub in the direction of the targeted ship. That may give you the result you're looking for.

I believe that's in the Cool Nova Hacks post, but I think that actually used all guided subs though. I'll go take a look, since my memory on that's a bit shoddy.

oh that's what you meant sorry I thought you said you needed accelerating missiles

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