EVNEW and Quicktime 7 issue

error message reads quicktime not installed. oh, but it is !!&

evnew doesnt open with quicktime 7.6.4 installed. error message reads quicktime not installed. oh, but it is !!!! uninstalled quicktime 7 reinstalled quicktime 6.4. works fine. oh but its not !!!! itunes 9 needs quicktime 7 to operate. the horror, the horror!

has any experienced this issue?

Try Quicktime 7.1.6, as it is compatible enough to run on Windows 2000 and Linux.
Or even search for any older version up to 7.5; I think I personally confirmed it worked with Nova while I was on my parents' XP machine.

If you need iTunes 9, you're pretty much out of luck. So far, a large number of workarounds has not yielded any positive results. You'll need the last update of iTunes 8 and the QT that comes with it. I believe it's 7.60.92. I ran into this problem my own self, and as best as I understand, it comes from a new implementation of the QT libraries that EVNEW calls on for various resources. I have yet to successfully install iTunes 9 with the last version of QT that works with EVNEW. iTunes requires the new library implementations, it would seem. Unless someone is willing to tackle the issue with the source for EVNEW, I don't see this being a solvable problem. I don't see Apple taking a keen interest in a fringe group of amateur developers, either.

yep, o far i'e been going between QT 6 and 7, and its not been a huge problem, i just wanted to alert people who use both... maybe the next version of evnew will have a fix for this.

AND I am definately not telling the author what to do so dont attack me for making a suggestion!!! 😛

I don't believe that EVNEW is being actively developed anymore, so I don't know if there will be a new version of EVNEW to fix this issue. This might be an issue for MC users as well, though. I honestly don't know, and judging by the fact that so far it seems that only Windows users have complained about the problem, I'm suspecting it's not a problem on Mac. Nonconventionally Creative has been working on a cross-platform editor, however, which could help bridge this gap; David Arthur has also said that a Windows build of Mission Computer is possible, if not particularly likely.

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