Stubborn Mission

Well, now we come to roadblock #1 in the harrowing process which is alpha testing. There's an exceedingly simple mission in Anathema that is simply take off from previous mission's planet, see a particular ship flying around, hail it, accept a mission from it, then land at the same planet. However, the mission never fires. The reason for this, it seems, is that the system in question (Pimen) changes later on in Anathema. If I make the return stellar "random inhabited planet," it works fine. Making it government 142 (Rimetan)'s planet, or spöb 335 (Rimerta), it freaks out and just gives the standard comm interface.

Does anybody know a workaround for this? I know Nova freaks out a little when a mission's destination is a planet that won't always be visible, but there are multiple versions of the planet Anathema as well, and that's never given me any problems.

One further piece of information: the two instances of Rimerta have pretty much identical attributes, including coordinates.

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Try changing the co-ordinates of Rimerta, or it's parent system, by 1 pixel. This is the same problem that shut Frozen Heart 2.0 down. I haven't had to deal with this myself, but I hear that workaround works in some situations.

Oh right. You know, I did that with the Chronos system, and then forgot that that's why I did it. Thanks for the pointer!

(edit)Actually, it's still not working. I think it may be freaking out a little from accepting a mission from Rimerta to Rimerta from a përs when that version of Rimerta won't always exist. It works fine when linked to another bit-contingent planet, so I'll just rewrite the mission to bring the player to Aurora instead of Pimen.

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