ShipSystem Display

How to make one

I am considering making a couple ship system displays or status bars for new gov't ships. (I assume one can use Photoshop or GIMP) Are there any guidelines/tutorials/advice on making them, i.e. sizes bar placements etc.? I've done searches and can find nothing in the forums.


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Sorry, I haven't seen any. I haven't seen any plugs that make radical changes to it, either. I guess the Bible's your best friend here. I'd start simple and make one with everything in the same place as all the other bars, then get fancy.

Well, I'll be... I had assumed that the intf resource stood for interference or something. So, I never looked at it. Thanks to the last post I searched all through mission computer help again and finally looked at it and voila`. OK, now I see how it can be done. Maybe the next time I'll work on one.


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Yeah, the resource itself is pretty simple; the toughest part (in my opinion, at least) is making a suitable graphic.

I agree. Actually, I think Illustrator maybe the app to use.

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