Stuffit got stuffed...

Why wont this damned thing work?

So ive been trying to install stuffit on my pc so I can convert mac plugs to windows, but I cant get the installer to work. Ive emailed the ppl at suffit more than once, and have received no reply whatsoever. Is it possible for someone to post a .zip with a working version inside?

Which version do you have?

I googled Stuffit 9 and it works great. Might try a newer version? Or maybe you don't have admin rights on Vista? Could be any number of things my friend, what do you mean by installer not working? Its shutting down, or it simply won't start? Specifics.

I managed to get it fixed. Still wont install the normal stuffit, so I had to give the btards my credit card for a 30 day trial. THAT installer worked.

I set it up with everything, Admin rights, tried it in compatability mode for both XP and 2000. I even emailed the jerks over at stuffit, and they never replied.

anyhow, i got something working now, so thanks anyway.

There is, actually, a free Stuffit Expander available, which is not a trial version or hassles you with any of that stuff. I've been using it for a while, and so far, it's been able to expand all of the stuffit archives I have. Just FYI.

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