appear on demand?

I tried getting a couple of fleets to appear for a battle. In the flët resource I set the appear NCB for the proper misn and specified the system. I assigned them to opposing gövts, hoping they would take part in the battle and add to the general confuion. They did not appear at all.

Is it possible to do this? Or do I need to run a few silent missions to bring in enough ships?



Is anyone interested in alpha testing a plug-in, that I'm working on. I should be done in a week or two. There are now about 36 missions plus a couple of branches. I have to add around 6 more - mostly large engagements in the civil war at the end of the story, which is a continuation of the Rebel Storyline (sort of).


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From what you described, the only factor I can see that would prevent the flëts from showing up as you want them is that fleets have a very low chance of showing up in their designated systems at the designated times. I'm not sure what it is, but the 1% ballpark sounds about right. As far as I know, the only way to increase the odds that they'll show up is by duplicating the fleet, but you'd need lots of them to have a 50/50 chance, and then you run the risk of having the same fleet of 10 ships show up at the same system ten times at once.

So assuming you want a controlled battle, mission is probably your best bet. If you don't need that many ships, you could also use përses.

OK. that answers the first question. Thanks.

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I would use silent missions, myself. Although, if you only need 2 fleets, you could do it with special ships and auxiliary ships.

Thanks, I have around six fleets from six gov'ts, totaling 46 ships plus carried fighters (I think I hit the max). The Silent missions (5) worked well. There are three such battles in the civil war, then one last smaller one to end it. The first two battles have gone surprisingly well. I'm putting together the third battle now. Then only 4 missions left.

Probably more info than you wanted.

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