EVN rendering angles etc

need some aditional info


I've read about the lighting setup that pipeline used for the EVN renders, but I need some clarification with using Blender.

My main setup is as follows:
Camera on Y-axis: (0,-10,10) (45 degree angle to object)
Light 1: Sun (tracked to object), (-10,10,10), 2.0 energy (pure white)
Light 2: Spot (tracked to object), (10,0,5), 2.0 energy, no shadows

But everything still seems a bit flat when rendered and I'm not sure on the camera angle.
Any suggestions on this topic?

Feel free to play with the camera to get the best render. I've been doing a lot of work on some ships and space stations lately, and I've gone as low as 35 degrees and as high as 60. One thing that will also give your render a little depth is to take the output image, bring it into an image manipulation program like Photoshop or The GIMP, and run it through an unsharp mask.

If you want to keep your camera pointed at the object regardless of where it goes, add an empty at the center of your object, add a tracking constraint to the camera on the empty, and make the empty a child of the object. Then, you can move the camera wherever you want to get the best view (use 0 on the numeric keypad to see what the camera sees.)

You can also play with the energy levels on the lights, particularly the backlight, to get a bit more contrast. I've even added a bit of color to the sun lamp to help bring out different textures and make certain space stations a bit more realistic.

Hey thanks!
I know how to handle Belnder though, was just curious about angles and light setup 😉

I'll experiment some more and will upload some examples to comment on.

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