Mission Comp PICT Resource Problem

What Type of files do pics need to be to upload them to MC?

I'm Working on a major plug and need som help. MC apparently doesn't like JPEG files and I've tried all the others I know. what do I do? :huh:

MissionComputer can import a fair range of formats using the 'Import from File' button in the PICT resource editor. This does indeed include JPEG (I just tried one, and it still works), although you shouldn't actually use JPEGs because of the quality loss inherent in saving in that format. I'd advise saving directly as a PICT, or failing that a TIFF or PNG.

For the absolute highest quality, you can find w00tWare's BlitZen in the add-ons directory; I still need to update my links, so I can't give you one directly at the moment. Use it to encode the graphics (this is what the game's original developers did), and then copy and paste the resources it creates directly into your plug-in using MissionComputer.

Copy and Paste has always worked for me.

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