I can't find any info on these. The Bible and Mission Computer Help have no info. So, what are they, and how are they used. If any one can point me to the proper place for info, I'd appreciate it.


The Nova Bible doesn't cover DITL and DLOG resources because they're standard Macintosh resource types, rather than special types create for this game. Remember, at the time Escape Velocity was created, it was taken for granted that anyone interested in developing on a Macintosh already knew all about resource forks and the standard types of resources.

Basically, a DITL and a DLOG together control the layout of a dialogue box in traditional Macintosh programming. MissionComputer, and to a lesser extent ResEdit, edit both resources at the same time since they're so tightly intertwined.

Dialogue boxes have to be supported by code in the programme itself, so it won't do you any good to create new ones, or add features to the existing ones, since the game engine won't know anything about your changes. So, while, MissionComputer supports almost all aspects of DITL/DLOG editing, the only changes that will accomplish anything in EV Nova are to move around the elements in the existing dialogue boxes. This allows you to make the interface look different while your plug-in is installed, or hide existing features by dragging the buttons outside the visible area (although this won't disable the relevant keyboard shortcuts).

OK, Thanks. I sort of suspected as much.

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