Creating a mask

Is there an easy way for 2D images?

I have a 400x400 jpg that I would like to make a mask from. The problem is that due to it's shape, I will probably have to apply the color by hand to about 1/3 of the image itself, which would take forever. I tried to get MissionComputer to do it automatically, but the coloring is such that the darker parts were labeled incorrectly as black. Is there an easier way to make a mask besides doing each and every pixel by hand? Perhaps something to detect and recolor everything in the image that isn't black? Thanks in advance.

Go into Photoshop/GIMP and use the Magic Wand. Copy the selection into another 400x400 file and fill it with #000000 black. Make a purely white layer below this new one and merge them. Index the new mask to 1 bit color for good measure. Dink, you're done!

Assuming your ship is well lit, of course. It's always better to make the mask using the original model that the sprite came from instead of using a photo-manipulation program to "guess" where the mask should be.

It worked, thanks!

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