my own personal TC

A little while ago, I made a TC out of Polycon only to find out from the makers that I couldn't upload my TC version because they were still interested in it.

I've gotten around to playing with it again. This time, I have taken a ship from another TC (Acheron), the V-4, to be specific. And added it to the game.

The problem (amongst others of which I won't go into) is that I get split beams from a single weapon.

Initially without thinking, I downloaded Qaanol's Beam Fix. But I forgot that works ONLY for the original game.

All I want to do is get the beam to fire from one source at a time if I am using a single beam at that moment.

I am guessing that that is possible since a plug was made for it. can someone explain what was done or will I have to compare the weapons and make the changes myself.