hail quotes?

Hello all,

I am making a pers, who will fly around and insult the player, who is, uh, me. In the Mission Computer the pers resource hail quotes are numbers, but do not seem to apply to anything. For example Hanna Chick's pers (ID 641) has a Hail quote of 41 and a response quote of 43. These don't appear to correspond to any desc or STR# that I can find. The Bible has nothing on pers resources (at least the copy I have doesn't)

So how do I make my own Quotes and apply them?

I'm going to all this trouble to make a pers, who flies around and insults me? I think I need therapy. :huh:


A later edit:

Well, I found the answer by sheer luck and excellent design of the Mission Computer. I happened to hold the cursor over the hail entry, and up popped a balloon - it gave me the resource. Evidently, it is a STR# (#7100). What confused me is that in the STR# there are choices (over 42), and the hail # refers to the hail choice within STR# 7100.

This last is in case someone else has the same problem and does a search ands can read this gibberish.

Sorry to take up your time.

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