Box trouble

I'm tinkering about with EVNEW, mostly creating a little something that'll probably never be finished for fun. Here's the problem, though, and I'll illustrate it with this screenshot:

Basically the boxes for stuff like the bar, missions, etc. are all out of whack. If you think you know the problem and can tell me how to fix it, that'd be great. I'd also be willing to send what I have to someone that would like to try to fix it themselves. This is kind of beyond me. I'm real rusty and never had an understanding for this sort of stuff anyways.

Looks like Override.

The "boxes" are controled by DITL and DLOG resources. EVNEW cannot edit them, as far as I know.

In fact, EVNEW will nuke any pre-existing DITL and DLOG resources so that Nova resorts to what's in the "Nova.rez" file in the application folder with the Nova.exe file. Go figure.

And it looks like Classic to me, Qaanol. Call it hunch...

I'm using the EV Graphics.rez and Override Titles.rez from Guy's ports as a base. I always preferred the older graphics to EV Nova's.

I was using the Titles from the Classic port, but something weird happened and when I switched it fixed it. I forget what though...

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