Jamming Problems

Anyone Confirm/Deny?

According to this post, a missile with 100 vulnerability to jamming type X should have a 0 (or actually around .5 or 1) percent chance of locking on to its target. However, while fiddling around with my TC, I found that some missiles were being too accurate against the AI. So I messed with the numbers and found that a missile with 100% vulnerability fired at a ship with 100% jamming of the same type has only around a 50% chance of being deterred. The missiles in question had no other tracking vulnerabilities, such as other jamming types, asteroid tracking, or interference confusion. I tried granting the target ships the jamming both by giving them jammers with the proper stats and by giving their inherent government the jamming, but both had the exact same results.

Could anybody shed a bit of light on the situation? I'm thinking this may be a 1.1.0 thing, but lacking a copy of 1.0.10 on hand (stupid partial hard drive wipe) I can't check.

I don't remember where it is exactly, but someone came up with equations describing a missile's lock-on chance given its accuracy, jamvuln, and the strength of the jammer or somesuch. 100% jamvuln means the missile is vulnerable always to that type of jamming, but only when the jammer works.

As of last I checked, which I believe was 1.0.10, but might've been earlier, a missile with 100 vulnerability should be jammed X percent of the time, where X is the jamming strength of the target. So a target with 100 jamming should jam all the missiles. If you haven't already, try setting the missiles to turn away if jammed, so it's fully obvious which get jammed. Then have them fire in salvos, get 10 launchers, set the inaccuracy to something positive, like 20 or 30, and then every salvo you'll be able to count how many get jammed or lock on. You could also try negative inaccuracy, if you want them evenly spaced. Also, try firing in a direction that isn't straight at the target and see if that causes any change in the results. I'll check 1.1 as soon as I can, but I don't know when that'll be.

One step ahead of you! 🙂 I put the reload down to 0, gave them infinite ammo, and fired them straight away from my targets to get the 50% number. If I weren't trying to claw my way out from under a mount of papers at the moment I'd give it some more troubleshooting, but alas, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

This is a long-shot but...

is the target's jamming coming from the InherentGovt (where the government has jamming, rather than the ship having jammer outfits) AND does the government have flag 0x0080 set AND is the ship (either inherently of from its dude, I can't remember) a freighter (AI type 1 or 2)? Because that flag halves the government's jamming value for freighters.


is the target's jamming coming from jammer outfits AND does it have multiple copies of the same jammer AND is the sum of the jamming of one copy of each of the different types of jammers it has (or if it only has one type of jammer, the jamming of one of those jammers) equal to somewhere around 50? Because multiple jammers on the same type don't stack.

(I still haven't had time to check 1.1, but could you perhaps post a plug-in with your jamming-test scenario so I can try it? Also, for testing, I highly recommend setting reload to something high, like 15 or 30, and making salvoes of 10 or 20. Then there's no ambiguity in seeing what happens.)

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