Looking for a 2d Graphics Person

I believe I'm on the final stretch for the full release of Anathema (including both chapters 3 and 4), and I recently finished a new splash screen. I mean finished in that it's done rendering; however, I have absolutely no skill at 2d graphics and would like to have the help of a skilled artist to help with the polish. You can get a look at the finished rendering here.

I'm thinking about replacing the sun, since that rendering is of the sun as viewed from the surface of Earth, not from space, and its orange surface clashes with the white light from the spotlights. Plus, 4x anti-aliasing wasn't enough to smooth it out. I'd also want a starfield placed in the background (the whole thing is alpha-masked, but this link isn't because I had to convert from TIFF to JPEG to upload it) and a bit of text. There probably won't be too much else involved with the background, since it's an image of the Sol system, so no fancy nebulae or anything.

If anyone would like to take me up on it, reply in this thread or send me a PM. As with everybody else who contributes to Anathema, you'd be able to design your own përs and a several-mission easter egg string to go along with it and a shout-out in the ReadMe.

In conclusion, :hector_bird:.

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It clearly needs more lens flares and motion blurs.

However, I'll give it a shot if you like.

I, too, would like to take a shot at it. I just wish the perspective was a looking little more up-and-out instead of top-down. Oh well, it shouldn't matter.

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It clearly needs more lens flares and motion blurs.

And cowbell.

I've got company coming over in a bit, but once everybody's gone I'll get it sent off to you in TIFF format.

(edit)Here's the TIFF, so have at it! I should also mention that even if I don't use your version, you'll still get your përs (just ask Geek; I didn't use any of his sound effects but he's still alive and kicking in the world of Anathema (or at least he was until I killed him)).

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