Finding Sound Effects

I've been looking for free sound effects that can be used with Xsera. Anything downloaded, stolen, not-completely-legal can't do as we're trying to do things legally. I know some of you have had to search for sounds to make plugs before, where did you look for those?

Also, if anyone has good weapon/explosion/etc sound effects and is willing to give them to Xsera, I'd appreciate it.

Here's the request list so far:

  • Weapon firing (guns, lazers, missiles, whatever you've got)
  • Weapon impact (kinetic weapons, energy weapons, lasers, missile impacts, bomb explosions, etc)
  • Ship explosions (for when the ship blows up)

Edit: If you give me permission to take sounds from your plugs, I'll download the plug and take them out. You don't need to dig them up for me.

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This is where I found a number of Colosseum's sound effects.

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I could try to make some.


If you want, go ahead. I'll probably find a bunch of good ones at that site JTH listed.

See first post (edited).

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