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Does anybody have Sephil Saga? I can't find it anywhere anymore and I never played it.

Also is there a spaceport for windows? I want to play Frozen Heart but it doesn't work. I believe it is a Pict/rled problem.

If you're talking about this plugin, it's still in development, and has been for some time.

Frozen Heart has not been ported for use with Nova's EV Classic scenario, to the best of my knowledge.

Can you point me to a working link for the Nova port of Frozen Heart?

I'm pretty sure there isn't one, Martin Turner has been really busy. Here is a link to a topic from 2003 that sheds some light on the situation.

You just said that it was ported for EV classic scenario in Nova. That is what I am trying to get. I can only find the one for Escape Velocity which I don't have. Also I thought sephil saga was done because it is supported by the plugin managers I've seen in the boards.

@hamster, on Jan 9 2009, 01:33 PM, said in Plugin Request:

Frozen Heart has not been ported for use with Nova's EV Classic scenario, to the best of my knowledge.

Sorry. Unless you want to take the time to port it yourself, which is a quite difficult process in my experience, I don't think you're going to get this one. It is a shame that it hasn't been ported over yet, because it was a great plug back in the day.

Sephil Saga is still in development. That's straight from one of the developers. It's supported by SwitchCON et al because it was announced and highly anticipated at the time those were developed.

SpacePort is a Mac-only app, I'm afraid. I have thought about porting it (I'm maintaining it), but I haven't seen any good reason to go into that much effort for something that would get a fraction of the fairly limited usage it currently enjoys. Using the app is a fairly painless process, and most of the issues that made it so difficult to port things in the past even with it have been rectified (thanks Guy!). You could always ask a Mac user to do it for you, with Martin's permission of course.

On the other hand, he was working on a project he identified as "Frozen Heart 2", which would, as I understand it, be updated versions of Frozen Heart and Femme Fatale, as well as a brand-new story. Not sure what happened to it.

Does anybody have a picture/screenshot of Frozen Heart or FemmeFatale? I would atleast like to see what it looked like if I can't play it. Also does anybody have the universe documents? I really want to read them and get insight into the story. I tried to get them from the mac binaries in the override plugins section but stuffit didn't extract or expand them right and the files are in some mac file type that windows doesn't recognize.

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So none plays Frozen Heart anymore? Ok, Forget about the screenshots. How about the universe documents for Frozen Heart and Femme Fatale? Can someone put them in a zip and upload them so I can read them? If they are in some mac only format then forget it. Also can I get a no or something? I mean I know the title of the thread annoys the more uptight people but a confirmation on the willingness to help would be appreciated.

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