Can you verify my speedrun for

I did a speedrun of the Pirate campaign and want to submit it to It's about 13 minutes of gameplay. They need verifiers to confirm it before it's official.


A verifier needs to be someone who has played, completed, and knows enough about a game to determine whether the gameplay in a run is good or not.

So what does a verifier do? Here's a list:

  1. Watch an entire run.
  2. Make sure the video and audio quality is fine, such as no audio sync problems or missing portions.
  3. Make sure the player isn't cheating.
  4. Check for consistency between saves. For example, if one segment ends with 5 bullets and the next starts with 7.
  5. Tell me if they're impressed with the run, or if the run is below SDA standards.
  6. Help me with timing start/end points, if the game doesn't have a timer.

If you want to help with this, go here and PM Mike Uyama (mikwuyma), who is in charge of verification. Don't post that you've signed up! (This is to keep me from influencing the verifiers.) When enough people have signed up (there may already be some from SDA), Mike will send you instructions.


You already posted this on the Nova board, and it seems to me to be entirely off-topic for this one. One board is quite enough. Locked.

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