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AI Vell-os equipped with Weapons

So, recently, I was working on a plug-in that allowed you to hire Vell-os ships for free as they were unlocked to you, but with a realistic twist. There's a 7% chance that a Dart will show up, 4% chance for an Arrow, and a 1% chance for a Javelin. (Believe it or not, I've been able to hire all 3 at least once; I have one Javelin escort and one Arrow escort as we speak.) But in order to get them to attack, I had to set them up with default Vell-os weapons, when ordinarily they don't come with any.

I figured that this was fine, until I put in Unity, and my escorts wouldn't attack. So my question is this: How did they get AI Vell-os to fight, when the ships don't actually come with any weapons? How can I duplicate the effect, making it compatible with Unity (Part 2)? After noticing this, I don't really want to take the easy way out by adding default weapons to Vell-os ships, but I want the escorts to be able to attack.

What do I do?

shïp 173, 174, 175

In more words, there are two sets of Vellos ships, one reserved for the player (381-383), and the other for the AI (173-175). You used the player one (naturally, sieved from the player references), which has no weapons.

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Oh, okay, thank you.

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