Few problems I've found in the EVC Port

-stupidity on my part, fixed-

I've been playing both the EVC and EVO ports for EVN recently, and have noticed a couple of slight problems in the former.

The most glaring are map problems. It has been awhile since I've played the original EVC, but I've noticed...

1. Missing a system that used to be between Pelagon and Nemesis that contained an independent base named "Nexus".
2. Missing a link from Satori to another system that was between Satori and Turin, forget what was there
3. The largest map problem is the lack of systems linking the rest of the map to the pirate bases. I took the 75,000 'take the criminal to the pirate base' missions on both bases, and this about sums up what I found:

Posted Image

No sign of a link that'd take me there. Just wondering if this is a bug, as it shows the system as being there (the red arrow is quite obvious).

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That isn't normal. My EVC port works fine. Are you using Guy's port? Any plugins?

Silly me... had the EVO Mission Fix in there while playing the EVC port... thanks for that 🙂 Didn't recall putting any plugins in there. Works fine now.

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