Nova Files - EV Nova 1.1.0

How can I access the Nova Folders ( Nova Data 1, Nova Ships 1...) within the new EV Nova 1.1.0, as used to

be able to, so could modify outf or weap etc. type resources, without creating a new plugin but directly in the

Nova folders. Thanks

Hi, ClaudeM, and welcome to the boards.

As of EV Nova 1.1, the data files are now stored within the game’s application bundle. If you control-click the EV Nova icon and choose ‘Show Package Contents’, it will open as a folder and you can navigate to them (they’re within the Resources section).

Note that they’re also stored in a new file format. MissionComputer 4.0.4, which adds support for this format, is available from my web site linked below.

Thank you Mr David Arthur,

I already have and use your great Mission Computer v.4.0.4 (also used most of prior versions back to 2001).

Was able to access all I wanted and will use your editor to modify a copy of Nova files.

Thanks again for fast response. Claude Marinier

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