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What's the value again?

I was busy creating a converter for myself in Numbers (Mac's Excel) for shield, armor, deionize and fuel values in the terms of units per second recovered. However, I can't seem to find in the Nova Bible exact numbers for the fuel scoop to work from.

From Nova Bible: "How many frames per 1 unit of fuel generated. Enter a negative value to perform the same function in “fuel sucking” mode"

So let's say I wanted to find out what value I needed to equal 1 unit of fuel regenerated per second. That's what I'm trying to find.

If anyone's interested, my conversions for the other values:
Shields = S * (1000/30) = units per second of shield regenerated
Armor = A * (1000/30) = units per second of armor regenerated
Deionize = D * (3000) = units per second of ionization eliminated

30 frames every second (this is constant; Nova doesn't speed up the game depending on the frame rate.)

x frames per unit

1 unit per second

30 frames per unit. 😉

That would be Energy = E * (x/30)

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Thank you very much JacaByte.

Edit: So 5 fuel units regenerated in one second equals value 150.

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...no, it's inverse, so 5 units of fuel per second would be a value of 6...

I got the equation wrong. I'll fix it tomorrow. yawn

As JacaByte said, it's the number of frames to make one unit of fuel at 30 frames per second. There are 100 units in a jump, so at one frame/unit, it would take you 100 frames (3.3 seconds,) to make one jump's worth of fuel. At a value of two, we're now up to 6.6 seconds to make 100 units (30/2 gives us 15 units per second.)

If you want it in a nice equation then, E/sec = 30/x

Thank you. 🙂

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